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Streetfood Berlin – The story behind the latest Foodtruck

Sure you like streetfood markets as much as I do. A wide range of delicacies from all over the world, who could not love it? In Berlin we have a great range of markets and „Streetfood Berlin“ is already known as a Must Do for visitors.

Maybe you strolled a Berlin food market once and asked yourself how these people startet to operate a food truck. Are they restaurant owners, chefs, or at least people like you and me. Is it complicated to start this business?

I asked myself these questions so often and saw the chance get the replies, when I heard of a new food truck opening in Berlin.

Ben and Gabriele are the once behind „FOOD Berlin“, they want to bring gourmet paninis with handpicked ingredients to the people. I was at the very first opening, asked them all my questions and tried some sandwiches as well.

So here is the story of FOOD Berlin, the latest foodtruck of Berlin.

The idea

Gabriele has been working for a long time in Italy as a cook. That was the time when the wish to start an own business with food was born. As sometimes happens, ideas need the right moment and the right match with another person to proceed from the desire into reality. It took a few years but than Gabriele came to Berlin an met Ben. The two shared their passion for cooking professionally, became friends and began dreaming of this shared idea. „Panini“ first sounds unspectacular, but what about quality ingredients, new combinations and fancy creations – so something like a gourmet sandwich?

Street Food Berlin: The capital might be the right place to start. There are many streetfood markets, enough interested people and a lot of visitors who are willing to pay the price for good food.

Streetfood Berlin - FOOD Berlin

From idea to reality

This idea must work! It will work!

In January 2016 Ben and Garbiele made the most important step so far: They quit their jobs, put the focus and invested all their time and energy in the implementation of the idea. An exciting time began. A truck was needed, a name, a design and especially recipes and finally the products. They designed, ordered, discussed, tasted, negotiating with suppliers, sorted and combined. Until finally a selection of international small producers, who fulfill their quality and ecological standards, was fixed. And the name was found too: FOOD Berlin.


Or not? Not really. Because even if the truck is filled with food, it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to sell something. Berlin has strict guidelines, so normally it is not allowed to sell food on the street. The street food markets get a lot of requests and are already full with trucks. So most of the time they say „First become famous than you can join us with your truck.

But hey, no one had said that it would be easy. „Don’t give up“ is the motto. So The two continued sending requests and talking to a lot of people. And then they got it: the commitment of the streetfood market in the Kulturbrauerei and also of the „Kieler Woche“.

But stop! Before starting at the markets, there is a test run needed.

Streetfood Berlin - FOOD Berlin

The time has come: The Opening.

Tension. Today you go. A test run in the circle of friends, family and interested people. There are a lot of questions hopefully being answered this day. Will they like our creations? Do the costumers appreciate the high quality of the products and will they accept the price?

It jerks a little. The offer signs come a half hour late, maybe also a clerical error has crept in and one of the advertised burgers can not be offered. Guests tilt their limo to the truck. That’s what happens when you go start a business.

But then, everything is good. People order, eat and praise the taste. Gabriele and Ben are in their element.

Streetfood Berlin - FOOD Berlin

The Menue

Name it as you like: sandwiches, panini, baguette. FOOD Berlin offers you freshly baked, warm, crusty bread, topped with the finest handpicked ingredients.

Making a choice is not easy. The selection overwhelmed you nearly. Panini with meat, sandwiches with anchovies, fancy bruschetta. For example „Dirty Bomb“: a ciabatta with freshly cut mortadella, gorgonzola and sweet chili sauce or „Sei nicht feige“: a sandwich with noble wild boar salami, cheese and sweet fig mustard. You are a vegan? No problem! You may enjoy culinary delights from Ben and Gabriele as well: „Das Landei“ for example is a sandwich topped with eggplant, chickpeasmash and mint. The Panini „Caprese“ will be served classically with delicate mozzarella and semi dried tomatoes.

Streetfood Berlin - FOOD Berlin

Now honestly, how does it taste?

Honest? When I read „Panini“ I first thought: „Well, ok, Panini is a nice thing, but not fancy enough for a foodtruck on a street food market.“

But than I saw the two guys in there truck. As they cut the huge ham in front of the customers, topping the just warmed bread with there homemade sauces, and really believe in there products.

I thought then: „That looks like a high quality and these are unusual combinations, might be better than I thought.“

Streetfood Berlin - FOOD Berlin

Well, then came the taste test. The „Landei“ sandwich, plus a Rixdorfer Fassbrause. That was so delicious, that I had to order a second sandwich (f* of the bikini body). And then I became a fan: With the combination of semi-dried tomatoes, which I had never eaten somewhere else and really high quality mozzarella – delicious. A bite from the sandwich of a friend „Sei nicht feige“ convinced me of the meat quality too.

I am convinced that you would like these sandwiches too!

Now I crossed my fingers for these guys. That there will be enough people willing to pay 6 – 8 € per sandwich (Bruschetta 4 €) and to get convinced of the quality and the taste of FOOD Berlin, so that they can establish in a the street food market world.


Are you hungry now? Do you want to try a sandwich? Streetfood Berlin? No problem.

All other dates will be released on the Facebookpage of FOOD Berlin.

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