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The coolest Rooftop Bar Berlin: Klunkerkranich

Maybe you already heard about it. If you are looking for a cool bar in Berlin with a great view, you must have heard about it, I am sure. Otherwise I will tell you now, what is the place to be in this summer.

A wooden terrace on the top of a car park, built up by a team of friends only three years ago. It’s a mixture of urban gardening, sandbox, bar, restaurant and party – so to make it short, it’s the place to be.

Definitely the coolest Rooftop Bar Berlin: the Klunkerkranich.

Klunkerkranich, die Rooftop Bar Berlin Neukölln Photo & Text by CicoBerlin

At least visually it got a touch of the long time legendary Bar 25. But even though this place has a completely different character, it still is a hidden paradise among the bars of the capital.

Klunkerkranich, die Rooftop Bar Berlin Neukölln Photo & Text by CicoBerlin

Klunkerkranich, die Rooftop Bar Berlin Neukölln Photo & Text by CicoBerlin

Prices are low, the staff is friendly, the audience can be described as a colorful average of the Berlin locals as well as Berlin visitors and the atmosphere deserves the title „deep relaxed“. For me this location is THE tip for sunny days in the capital. I am sure you will love it too. Especially, because the last argument is unbeatable: the view …

Klunkerkranich, die Rooftop Bar Berlin Neukölln Photo & Text by CicoBerlin

So, why not go there right now? This cool open air bar can be found on the rooftop of the Neukölln Arcaden (which is the shopping center), Karl-Marx-Straße 66. Take the elevator at the post office up to the fifth parking floor and reach the next floor by walking. There you are!

Enjoy your cold drink, the atmosphere and the great view at the coolest Rooftop Bar Berlin: Klunkerkranich. Nice by day, mystic by night.

Too far away from where you stay? For all who are close by Prenzlauer Berg there is another option: „Deck 5″ is a Rooftop Bar Berlin at the shopping center in Prenzlauer Berg (Schönhauser Allee Arcaden). Or how about these eight Berlin sights with great views. 

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