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Guide: the best breakfast in Berlin spotted by locals

Chocolate croissant, granola, fruit salad, scrambled eggs or yet classic german bread and cheese? As breakfast-lover, I would say: everything plus pancakes, please.

A weekend without having a real good breakfast? That’s not a weekend for me! Most weekends you will find me as well as my friends in a cozy and cool coffee shop in Berlin, relaxing and having a tasty brunch. You are staying here and also want to have one of these brunches? Of course you can read the top ten lists of our tourism homepages but how about tips from the locals? Like me a lot of my friends are born in Berlin and love the city. They are the real locals. And to make your stay the most awesome experience ever and to make you enjoy our lovely city as much as possible here are 

The best breakfast in Berlin spotted by locals – us!



The best latte macchiato of Friedrichshain, a large and also high quality breakfast plate is what you find at this address: Simon-Dach-Strasse 1. The place which offers this for a quite fair price is called „Kuchenrausch“. We all love it and you will do so too, I am sure.

Frühstück Kuchenrausch Berlin

Tempo Box

Who would have thought it, yes, the good old Tempo Box can be found here again, as it may in particular have a surprisingly good brunch special to absolutely acceptable prices. Clientele: students, young families, tourists and on Sunday mornings: very relaxed. (Simon-Dach-Str. 15 – 16)



An Institution of the west Berlin restaurant scene, which convinced particularly during the summer months only by the great location on the beautiful Ludwigkirchplatz. Breakfast is solid, prices are still affordable, the audience is a little posh. This is where you might sit next to a lady in a leopard fur, of course one must not be surprised, we are in rich Wilmersdorf! (Pariser Str. 16)

Prenzlauer Berg

Zum Dritten Mann

There is one place everyone knows for breakfast in Berlin: Anna Blume. Because everyone knows it, it is always crowded. A more than good alternative to this place is the restaurant „Zum dritten Mann“. Because it is just across the street and  you can have a delicious Austrian breakfast here. Our recommendation: The Vienna for 2 (german: Wien für zwei).

Fruehstueck in Berlin, zum dritten Mann

Café Zuckerfee

is where all girly girls will be happy. The interior of this cozy café is beautiful and the menu offers you homemade croissant as well as fresh baked pancakes. But of course you can also order waffles or one of the many different types of yogurt. But guys don’t worry, there is also an English breakfast provided. You can have it in Greifenhagener Strasse 15.

Cafe Zuckerfee Berlin



You want to go somewhere far away from the tourist places, somewhere where only the citizens are? Tafelfürst is such a place. The area is nearly not Berlin anymore. Take the subway line S1 and drive until the last station: Frohnau (north of Berlin). Than it’s just a some minute walk to the café „Tafelfürst“ where you will have a simply delicious high quality breakfast. (Address: Fürstendamm 1a)



Kreuzberg, close to Neukölln, this is where you find: Goldmarie. Another place for breakfast in Berlin spotted by locals and a recommendation for a generous and varied breakfast on all weekdays too.

Frühstück in Berlin, Cafe Goldmarie


Petit Fleury

Petit Fleury is a french restaurant, which is lovely decorated and offers a tasty tomato cream and cream cheese with it’s breakfast plate. And of course there is an excellent cafe au lait. Bon Appétit!

Cafe Fleury, breakfast in berlin spotted by locals

I guess now you have more recommendations found then you can manage to go to during your stay in Berlin. It’s up to you where to go, there is no chance to make the wrong decision, because all of the list breakfast in Berlin spotted by locals are so damn good and better than you can expect!

Enjoy it and have an awesome stay in my lovely hometown!

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