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10 Berlin’s Best Ice Cream (incl. map)

The summer arrived in germanys capital! Time for shorts, Flip Flops, rooftop bars and of course: ice cream. Who does not like to lick at a sweet cool ice when it is hot like this now? I bet you will.

Berliner Eisdielen/ Berlin's Best Ice Creams - Vanille und Marille von CicoBerlin

Vanille & Marille

The range of ice shops, offering homemade ice cream, has grown enormously in recent years. Currently, there is more than one in every district of Berlin now. Creations such as „cucumber ginger“ or „Madagascar chocolate with goat’s milk and sea salt“ have to be tasted. But if one is not around his neighborhood and the favorite ice cream dealer seems to be far away, you can ever become the whining child fast.

To prevent this from happening, and give you the chance to still stroll through the summery Berlin cheerful because you found a great ice cream shop close by, here are my personal

Top 10 of Berlin’s best ice cream shops

Gelateria Mos Eisley

Nearby located from Tempelhof Field, this little sweet shop has managed to get on my best of list with there delicious blueberry cream ice. Taste it!

Mos Eisley Neukölln, Berlin's beste Eisdielen, Berlins best ice cream shops

Mos Eisley


A small fine store in Prenzlauer Berg. Here you not far away from the Mauerpark. Enjoy your ice cream together with people of the neighborhood. The hipster hype hasn’t reached this shop yet, although its ice cream is great. This is why a visit here is quite relaxed.

Süße Sünde

Sure you have seen this ice cream shop before, maybe when you had breakfast or a burger in the Kastanienallee. Who wants to enjoy something sweet creamy cold in the middle of Berlin, should stop here.

Berliner Eisdielen / Berlin's Best Ice Cream, Suesse Suende CicoBelrin

Süße Sünde

Eismanufaktur in Rixdorf

This is a ice cream shop chain which crept in my top ten list. You find the „Eismanufaktur“ not only in Neukölln Rixdorf but also in Friedrichshain, Mitte, Kreuzberg and Wedding. A tasty and safe address for many parts of the city.

Hokey Pokey

Who don’t know this ice cream shop? It’s famous and mentioned often in  newspapers. Hyped but still cool and regularly with new ice cream inventions. The evergreen in Prenzlauer Berg.

Berliner Eisdielen/ Berlin's Best Ice Cream - Eismanufaktur, von CicoBerlin

Eismanufaktur Rixdorf


Not far from Hokey Pokey there is something new: Hedwig. The latest addition in the top 10 Berlin’s best ice cream shops. In this brand new store you have necessarily to taste the cucumber ginger ice cream – so damn yummy!

Der Eisspatz

For those who live in Weissensee or are on the way to the beach Weissensee, it is worth at stop at this cozy shop.

California Pops

You prefer popsicles instead of cream ice? But you won’t miss the „homemade“? Then this is your address: Falckensteinstraße. 4, Kreuzberg.

Berliner Eisdielen / Berlin's Best Ice Cream California Pops CicoBelrlin

California Pops

Vanille & Marille

Anything other than a new discovery because for years an institution in the Bergmann neighborhood and especially always really good!

Fräulein Frost

This is another excellent choice for all who are in Neukölln or in Wilmersdorf because Fräulein Frost has expanded and now you find it no longer only in the Reuter district  but also in the Uhlandstr  168.

Well, you like some ice cream now? Where will you buy your next? What are your favorite „Berlin’s best ice cream shops“? Leave a comment below this article, I look forward to your recommendations!

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